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“A client of ours asked that we modernize a series of Diverter Valves for them. We inspected the existing Lorenz Diverter Valves and realized they were more than 7-10 years old. They were still fully operational and still in good condition. Over the years they required minimal maintenance. The long lifespan means they were well built day one and this contributed to the lengthy endurance. The client requested we stay with Lorenz for the replacement assembly. They had become accustomed to a certain quality and reliability that only Lorenz delivers. We will continue to use Lorenz on other projects, not just the replacement of the Diverter Valves in this instance. For us, Lorenz means well-built quality and durability that can accommodate a range of applications. Lorenz is a great Canadian brand. I recommend them for a wide range of commercial and industrial installations. You can be sure they perform well in demanding situations. I recommend Lorenz.”


“Mitten Vinyl and Lorenz go back approximately 15 plus year or more and I have dealt with almost the entire Lorenz staff at one time or another, with confidence I can honestly say the staff is just as solid as the products. We use gate valves, diverter valves, ceramic elbows, cam locks…….the list goes on, we convey PVC, powders, beads, resin without fail. There is not much more to say, great product, staff and service.”


“Both materials are pneumatically conveyed within our processes as well as bulk loaded for shipment. Within our complex pneumatic conveying systems, Lorenz slide gate diverter valves are a standard component in all of JSP’s manufacturing facilities in the US. These valves have proven to be of high performance and reliability. JSP in the US also use additional Lorenz components in our processes such as cyclones. They too are of high quality and performance. Just as important as receiving a quality product, excellent sales and technical support is a must in our fast-paced business. That too keeps us as a returning customer to Lorenz Conveying Products.”


“We are a plumbing specialty manufacturer. On one of our “Tube Talon” plumbing hanger lines, an injection molding machine produces enough product to keep two nail loading lines busy. The parts drop out of the machine into an air stream, and we’ve programmed the valve to switch between molding cycles so it delivers parts evenly to both nail loaders. This line runs 24 hrs, 5 days a week. Based on a rough numbers, I estimate that this valve has cycled at least 7 million times! I’m happy to report that this valve has been quite reliable and has never jammed or caused any issues.”

Sioux Chief

“We complement our custom material handling equipment with Lorenz gates, diverters and valves with standard or special bolt patterns. Lorenz works quickly to provide quotes, professional service, and follow up with exceptional quality and workmanship.”

Standley Batch Systems Inc.

“Lorenz is a company that is very easy to deal with.  They have a great group of people that make the entire process easy, from quoting through delivery.  We know when something is ordered, it will show up on time.”


“With Lorenz as a vendor, I can always be assured that we will receive a great product with competitive pricing and on time.  One thing that sets Lorenz apart from their competitors is that they make me feel like they care when I call them needing something right away, and then it happens like they said that it would.  Sometimes even quicker.  Lorenz would be my first recommendation to anyone that is looking for Conveying products.”


“I would have to say that Lorenz’s most important contribution to AIS and myself would have to be your ability to support your equipment design as it relates to our overall systems in the field. On several occasions we have faced tough situations in the field with adapting to customers changes on the “fly” and Lorenz’s team is always able to support their products to help adapt them to different situations from the initial design.”

Automated Ingredient Systems

“I would like to express my appreciation for the over 20 years of service your company has supplied us. Your staff are knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond to our demanding needs. Lorenz Conveying Products Corp is the standard I compare all my suppliers too. Your company consistently delivers high quality components EXACTLY when promised. On the rare occasion where you may be required to ship late, we are immediately contacted of the delay and if this will cause us any issues. I can ALWAYS trust your shipment schedule.
Capitalizing on excellent suppliers like Lorenz Conveying Products, allows us to be successful!”

Contemar Silo Systems

“I would like to thank you and your co-workers for finally solving a long standing problem we have had with pneumatic diverter valves. Our plant has over 30 dilute phase conveying systems with hundreds of valves to control direction. The problems are with other brands of 3-way valves and multi-port valves. The other valves we have tried , stick and bind especially during sever temperature change. We have installed the first 3-way six inch diverter valve four years ago and since the installed 5 move, 3 and 4-way diverter valves, all which have worked flawlessly. Being a food production plant sanitary design fit and finish are very important and the product we have received from your company has met or exceeded the requirements.”


“I am writing to you on behalf of Graham Packaging Canada Ltd. To express our thanks to you and Lorenz for supplying us with D Series Two Way diverter valves and accessories.  We currently have over 15 in use and they are proving to be very robust and living up to the expectation expressed by you.  I have no reason not to use your products for any future endeavours.  Performance and quality is second to none.”

Graham PAckaging Company

The Black Velvet Distilling Company

“The Black Velvet Distilling Company purchased a Y-Diverter Valve in Jan. 2003. The valve is used to control the flow of corn flour between two hammer mills into a single cyclone receiving vessel. The installation of the valve gave the distillery’s Process Operators instant control on hammer mill changeovers without physically having to disconnect and reconnect the piping. We est. that this saves 45 min’s of downtime per occurrence. The valve has worked trouble-free since it was installed.” 

The Black Velvet Distilling Company