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Abrasion Q&A Whitepaper


Cyclone separators are an efficient and cost effective method of removing material from an air stream since they have no moving parts and require little maintenance.

Aggregate Control

Aggregate Control faces some unique challenges not found with other material handling applications. Aggregate Control components are subject to harsh operating conditions due to often abrasive, heavy and large size product passing through them. These conditions require specialized valves and gates which are designed and constructed to withstand the harsh working environment.

Diverter Valves

In the modern world of Pneumatic Conveying and bulk material transfer, almost every system will need to incorporate some form of diverter. Whether it be a single source feeding one of many downstream machines, or a single machine being fed by one of many upstream sources, the diverter is essential.

Series “D” Diverters

Lorenz Series D Diverter Valves are suitable for Pressure or Vacuum dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems (maximum recommended line pressure of 15 psi). The Diverter valves are available with various options and configurations to suit specific applications.


At the most basic level, a gate is an object which permits passage into or through an enclosure. Gates as they apply to pneumatic conveying/material handling are no different. At the most basic level, Gates open and close a path of material flow. The most effective means of accomplishing this task is through the use of a sliding blade which moves across the gate opening to block the path of material flow. The most basic gates are simply just this.

Series “K” Easy Clean Slide Gates

The Lorenz Series “K” Easy Clean Slide Gates are ideal for applications where there is a need to frequently clean the gate to prevent product contamination. Intended for use in a gravity feed application, the Series K Easy Clean Easy Clean Slide Gate will effectively and reliably control product flow with minimal leakage. Frequent cleaning is essential to ensure that the Easy Clean Slide Gate functions correctly. Cleaning of the interior of the Easy Clean Slide Gate is accomplished by easily dismantling the gate by hand, without the use of tools.